Sunday, 1 February 2015

Burmese Dhamma in the Colorado Rockies

The Rocky Mountain Vipassana Association (RMVA), which offers courses in the tradition of Sayagyi U Goenka, is located in Boulder, Colorado, in the US. Last month, the editor of Shwe Lan Ga Lay gave a presentation to the RMVA Trust that shared some of the inspiring stories from the Pariyatti pilgrimage that took place in Winter 2013-14. Many Trust members commented how much they appreciated hearing stories about the figures in the U Goenka lineage (such as Ledi Sayadaw, Sayagyi U Ba Khin, etc.) in more detail than they had ever heard before. This month, the RMVA has included a short article on the pilgrimages and the Shwe Lan project. Their January Newsletter can be found here.

(Please note: an earlier version of this newsletter incorrectly stated that the 2014-5 pilgrimages are sponsored by Pariyatti, and this is not the case. They were run independently by Compassionate Travels Myanmar. For upcoming pilgrimages, see Muditā Works)

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