Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Shwe Lan Ga Lay: A Project of Selfless Giving

The editor of Shwe Lan Ga Lay has shared this statement about the progress of the project:

"In the spirit of the Buddha’s advice to give freely and without expecting anything in return, Shwe Lan Ga Lay is entirely a dāna project, and everyone associated with it is a volunteer. While several hundred volunteers have helped us in some capacity, a core group of a couple dozen people have been involved since the inception. This includes a dedicated team of professional editors, translators, scholars, artists, photographers, layout designers, writers, web designers, and others who are giving in kind by offering their unique skill set to the project. 

Those of us who work on this project believe that Myanmar has an untold wealth of profound wisdom and sacred teachings to offer the world. For it is here that the depth of the Buddha’s teachings have been followed and practiced for centuries, and a visit offers the foreign meditator an unparalleled opportunity to grow in the Dhamma.

Shwe Lan Ga Lay explores Burmese monastic discipline in depth, instructing the foreign yogi in not only where one can go to practice but also how to behave respectfully in the culture. Towards these ends, we have worked with dozens of senior monks, nuns, and scholars, who have reviewed many of our drafts and kindly offered feedback for revisions."

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