Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Documentary of Ruth Denison, Appointed Teacher by Sayagyi U Ba Khin

The great lay meditation teacher Sayagyi U Ba Khin appointed just a handful of assistant teachers during his lifetime, and only one Western female-- Ruth Denison. Originally from Germany, she was appointed by U Ba Khin with the special mission of teaching females in the West. Now 92 years old, a new documentary, The Silent Dance of Life, is about her and her meditation center located in Southern California.

As Indiegogo reports, Sandy Boucher chronicled her early efforts in Dancing in the Dharma, noting that "it is really crucial that the records of great women teachers are produced and disseminated. Ruth Denison, with her unique perspective and teaching methods, made the Dharma available to a wide range of people, men as well as women. But she is especially cherished by women Buddhist practitioners: Ruth welcomed us and encouraged us to see our own true value and to work hard to become more aware and compassionate people. Her teachings on mindfulness of the body took us deep into this present-moment reality and taught us to accept and honor our physical and mental beings. In her spacious, joyful love of life she taught us to care."

The Lion's Roar has reported that the documentary is made by filmmaker Aleksandra Kumorek, who has shared the following clip:

Ruth Denison Dharma Talk Anger from Aleksandra Kumorek on Vimeo.

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