Tuesday, 10 February 2015

U Sarana Arrives in the Sagaing Hills

U Sarana has reported that his first full day of intensive research in the Sagaing Hills has been completed, and was an astounding success. Reports a monk who made contact with him: "he is happy (and proud) of the work done in a day and says that you will be amazed of all the gems he has found. Lots of material is coming! Apparently local monks are helping and have found unedited maps drawn in cloth of the area, they have camera, dana," and all other needs being fulfilled. As there are only walking paths carved into the wilderness in the Sagaing Hills which go back centuries, discerning how to get around is a major challenge that even many locals do not know. This is therefore awe-inspiring news that, like a line out of Tolkien or Robert Jordan, "unedited maps drawn in cloth" have already been found at local monasteries. For those that would like to support U Sarana's trip, dana may be offered for all to share in the merit.

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