Monday, 2 February 2015

"Practicing in Daily Life"

The following narrative continues the story of a Mexican meditator who has been in Burma for many years. This is the ninth entry, and the beginning post can be found here.

"After two weeks at Shwe Oo Min Monastery I needed to leave because I was going to see my family. I was very interested to see if I could keep myself mindful outside of a retreat centre. I found it very challenging. It was very difficult for me and I felt I needed to practice a lot more. After my parents left I came back to Shwe Oo Min in Yangon to keep learning form the teacher and increase the momentum that I had before, and that now had disappeared. So I needed to build it up again little by little. At the beginning a felt very sad about it because it was so difficult to build it and just with some moments of no mindfulness-- it was gone. However, it was also a very good experience because it taught me how sensitive can be the practice if we don't practice continuously and it also told me where I was in the practice. I realize that I had a long way to go so that it is better that I not get excited about experiences and keep myself humble. The way is very long. The Path is very long."

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