Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"S.N. Goenka: His Life, His Dhamma"

In 2013, a Burmese documentarian produced a new film titled "S.N. Goenka: His Life, His Dhamma." The film traces Goenka's Myanmar origins, his upbringing and family, and how he came to learn and spread the Buddha's teachings throughout the world.

This is a short clip from the film, showing the Mandalay of the early 20th Century when Goenka was born, and his close relationship with his grandfather while he was growing up. The film also interviews childhood friends and discusses how Goenka was able to effectively spread Burmese Buddhist teachings to the wider world. The film uses dramatic re-enactments to portray a young Goenka and give the viewer an idea of his early years.


The DVD in its original case, available at Dhamma Joti and throughout Myanmar

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