Saturday, 22 February 2014

Foreign Yogis offer Sangha Dana at Sain Pyin Gyi

After being given a royal reception and warm welcoming, foreign yogis visit the birthplace of Ledi Sayadaw. According to local villagers, this was only the third time that foreigners came here to pay respects (the first was a yogi who meant to go to Monywa but ended up here by mistake and stayed to sit a five day self-course; the second time was the previous yatra one month earlier)

This video shows the Sangha Dana as it was offered to the monks here. National media was also there to record the event. After the Sayadaw accepts the food on behalf of the Sangha, all say "Thardu" (or "Sadhu") three times to reflect upon a good deed well done and share merits with others. Note the Buddha and Ledi Sayadaw statues in the background. Following this offering, foreign yogis then went on to make more merit by serving the monks who were eating, before they took their own meal.

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