Sunday, 9 February 2014

Burma Pilgrimage #2, Day 4: "A Natural, Physical Manifestation of Gratitude"

The following excerpt was written by an American yogi about the pilgrimage in Burma. The first pilgrimage has ended, and the second one has just begun! To read about the previous day, go hereYou can also consider joining a later pilgrimage in Burma yourself.

"Last night was the first of two nights at Metta Shin monastery. There's not a huge number of monks here, but it's a lovely place. The Sayadaw has been involved in humanitarian work in Burma, and spent quite some time answering various questions.

The sign proclaiming the dana that our group has joyously given at Metta Shin Monastery

We were able to serve lunch to the monks (called Sangha Dana) - very sweet to see a whole range, from young to old. There are several cats around, who show up for some affection at mealtimes. One in particular likes to join during meditation hours...

A few members of our pilgrimage formally offer robes and books each time we pay respects to a Sayadaw. An incredible amount of joy arises, even when just witnessing these offerings.

We heard some beautiful words about Sangha Dana today - the act of offering is an outer shell, but the mind before/during/after is what matters most. And in the act of giving, one may remember to make the offering to not just the monastic standing in front, but to the living banner of the Dhamma - all of the Sangha.

We've been informed on how Burmese formally pay respect to Buddha statues and to Sayadaws. Taken out of context, one may consider this 'rite and ritual,' but in this special land, bowing is but a natural, physical manifestation of gratitude."

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