Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Burma Pilgrimage #2, Day 13: "Vibrant Days"

The following excerpt was written by an American yogi about the pilgrimage in Burma. The first pilgrimage has ended, and the second one has just begun! To read about the previous day, go here. To read about the first pilgrimage group's experience as they traveled from Ingyinbin to Sagaing, see here.

You can also consider joining a later pilgrimage in Burma yourself.

"We had a travel day to Sagaing hills.

The main stop was Webu Sayadaw's third monastery, where he spent more than thirty rains retreats. While still a working monastery, it sounds like it's become more of a patipatti place. The walking meditation area looked as if it had seen more vibrant days. 

The original bed where Webu Sayadaw took rest

A shrine room in the three story Shwebo building where Webu Sayadaw taught and practiced walking meditation

Snow describes the history of the former King's residence to pilgrims, where the later Webu Sayadaw Monastery was constructed

We arrived at Sitagu Academy in the evening. Mattresses and hot showers were highlights of the evening. Compared to Ingyinbin's raw strength, Sagaing has a much gentler feel.

Just in time, as some pilgrims are starting to fall ill..."

For the first full day's description of life in Sagaing, Day 14, when the group visits the famous nunneries of Sagaing, see here

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A view of the pilgrims at Sitagu soon after arriving

Another view of the pilgrims at Sitagu soon after arriving
U Agga reads about the life of a nun in Burma, to the request of many pilgrims who were curious about the life of a female renunciate. 
The group takes a rest at Kaunghmudaw Pagoda just outside of Sagaing.

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