Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Burma Pilgrimage #2, Day 12: "But perhaps, there's more than that..."

A view of the fields and trees around Ingyinbin

The following excerpt was written by an American yogi about the pilgrimage in Burma. The first pilgrimage has ended, and the second one has just begun! To read about the previous day, go here. To read about the first pilgrimage group's experience on their own time in Ingyinbin, see here.

You can also consider joining a later pilgrimage in Burma yourself.

"Today a one day course was held at Ingyinbin, in the hall where Webu Sayadaw passed into parinibbana.

As the group organizers and remaining manager looked quite tired, they had the day off to sit or do as they pleased.

It seemed like a good course for all. Some of us had the chance to sit in Webu Sayadaw's kuti - quite an incredible place.

A view of the male sleeping quarters, upstairs in the Bago building towards the southeast of the Patipatti compound.
A male yogi's bed

There's something remarkable about Ingyinbin.

An arahant's birthplace, where his meditation kuti, parinibbana site, and cremation grounds are with walking distance to each other. Add to this mix both Buddha and arahant relics... the strength in this small strip of land is palpable.

But perhaps, there's more than that. After all, it was the place an anagami came for final liberation. And a place where a reputed Bodhisattva's hair clippings rest, at the foot of an arahant planted bodhi tree.

What strength lay here before Webu Sayadaw? What role will Ingyinbin play in the future? Only time will tell..."

For the Vibrant Days on Day 13 towards Shwebo and Sagaing, see here!

Villagers in Ingyinbin

One of the modern caretakers at the Webu Monastery in Ingyinbin

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