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Burma Pilgrimage #2, Day 7: Webu Sayadaw Monastery in Kyaukse

A lifesize replica of Webu Sayadaw shown sitting in his palanquin, placed next to the Dhamma Hall where he used to preach

The following excerpt was written by an American yogi about the pilgrimage in Burma. The first pilgrimage has ended, and the second one has just begun! To read about the previous day, go here. To read about the first pilgrimage group's experience on their own Day 7 at Kyaukse, go here.

You can also consider joining a later pilgrimage in Burma yourself.

"Today we visited several sites related to Webu Sayadaw.

We stopped at a well where Webu Sayadaw is said to have consumed some water that cured his digestive troubles. While the water in the well looked a little suspect (green and a little cloudy looking), it was actually quite clear after ladling it out. With the help of a monk's water filter and lid (as a makeshift drinking vessel), several of us tried the water. Tasted
pretty good, and we're still upright, about 12 hours later...

The well that Webu Sayadaw found in Kyaukse
The morning group sit took place in a small wood hut next to Webu Sayadaw's kuti (where Sayagi U Ba Khin first met the great monk and initially paid his respects). Post sit, we were able to spend a few minutes in said kuti (really nice...), and paid respects to an 'Arahant ordination hall.' Apparently in order for a man to become a monk, a proper ordination hall is needed. Story has it that the ordination hall near Webu Sayadaw's kuti was created by Webu Sayadaw and
two other arahants (Sun Lun Sayadaw and Nyaung Long Sayadaw). One can only imagine the quality of monks to come from such a place!

The Sima Hall established by three arahants

The Building where U Ba Khin met Webu Sayadaw for the first time

After lunch at Webu monastery, we were able to sit briefly in the cave where it is said that Webu Sayadaw reached arahantship. The feel of the place, even with the low, slanted ceiling, was amazing. One could easily spent a day and a night (or a lifetime?) there...

There were plans to see relics from an arahant named Monle Sayadaw who passed away in 2010, but we ran out of time. There's good & bad about traveling as a group. It's been very helpful to not have to worry about logistics, and we've likely gotten to do things as a 'group of international meditators' that a single meditator might not have been able to do.

This large painting shows Gautama Buddha following very severe ascetic practices, and is hung in the Dhamma Hall where Webu Sayadaw would teach dhamma.

On the other hand, everything takes that much longer in a larger group, and the energy level varies amongst the group members. The schedule is also less flexible... More reason for a future second yatra to Burma...)"

For Day 8, keep reading!

A close up of a Webu Sayadaw statue

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