Wednesday, 21 January 2015

U Mandala of Webu Sayadaw Monastery to visit Australia

As was detailed in the wonderful Webu Sayadaw biopic Anthology of a Noble One, U Mandala is a senior monk charged with overseeing much of Webu's former Ingyinbin monastery. Single-handedly he has made sure that the sacred site remain open to foreign devotees in the years since his master's passing, and he has cared for them throughout their stay. Having learned the meditation method of Webu Sayadaw as a 17 year old novice, he now teaches it to the many novices currently at his Ingyinbin monastery.

U Mandala has been invited to visit Australia this year. Any Australian-based meditator (or perhaps those in New Zealand) who would like to welcome him during his visit, please contact us (burmadhamma@gmail) and we can forward your request to U Mandala. There may also be opportunities to offer lunch to the venerable monk during his stay down under.

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