Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sitagu Sayadaw in Iran

Referring to a Burmese website that originally posted the story, Dr. Paul Fuller has shared about a recent trip that Sitagu Sayadaw has taken to Iran in order to engage in a Muslim-Buddhist dialog at the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

This quotation is included in the story:

Sitagu Sayadawgyi has arrived at Teheran, Iran at the invitation of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of Iran government for the purpose of exchanging views between Buddhism and Islam last night.

Today, Dec 29, the meeting between Buddhist leaders and Islamic Leaders met at the head quarter of Islamic Culture center and Sitagu Sayadawgyi delivered a keynote speech on regarding multilateral dialogue between Buddhism and Islam. After morning secession, Sitagu Sayadawgyi was interviewed by several Iranian Television Networks.

Following this, a video was posted of a speech that Sayadaw U Nyanissara gave, "unconditionally" condemning any Buddhist violence towards Muslims. While those interested in Burma and the Dhamma may be interested to hear this story, it is unlikely to be covered by any mainstream news organization, whose past biases and misperceptions have already been discussed in this blog.

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