Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Center in Taunggyi

“Pain is observed not to make it go away, but to realize its true nature.” Chan Myay Yeiktha Sayadaw U Janaka

This center offers yogis a wonderful place to continue their practice of meditation according to the Chan Myay Yeiktha method. It is overseen by Sayadaw U Nyarnawara, and he warmly welcomes foreigners and can instruct them in English. Courses run all year long and one may come anytime one likes, and stay for as long as one wishes. Males stay together in one large building, while there are 24 separate bungalows available for women. Usually four women stay to a bungalow, but as many as ten may share suring Water Festival. There are also six separate buildings set aside for monks. However, there is no water heater, so meditators will have to manage with cold water showers. The center is five acres in size, and not far from the Technological University of Taunggyi. The northern area of the compound is shaded with a pleasant grove of trees, and much of the area east of the monastery is undeveloped, allowing for pleasant scenes and quiet space.

Details: Aye Tharyar Industrial Zone, Tel : 95 81 2127600, Email:

"My first experience of learning and practicing with Sayadaw left a very deep impression. From the very first interview, I knew without a doubt that I had found my teacher. The recognition was indisputable. With Sayadaw, I had a sense of being coached and guided based on my actual experience, without presumption on what a yogi that has only attended three short retreats was capable of or limited to... my practice flourished in a very short period of time... I was being guided by one the most compassionate, understanding approachable and skillful teacher. What amazed me most was the consistent and immense metta, compassion and sympathetic joy that Sayadaw would infallibly exude throughout the duration of my practice with him.” Malaysian yogi

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