Saturday, 31 January 2015

"Should I Become a Buddhist Nun?"

Should I become a nun?

Sayadaw U Tejaniya responds to this question:

“A nun is very different from monk... a nun is not monk. Much of the decision depends on the mind of the female yogi, and if she truly wants to be ordained and spend her life as a monastic, wishing no longer to do any kind of lay activities. Actually, being a nun is not very different from being a yogi. It is true that being a yogi means you are still in the lay world and the main distinction is that a nun is not lay, for they no longer wish to do layman things. Because in Burma, women can’t become bhikkhuni. So for a female here to shave their head, it is like a kind of sign showing their intention and dedication. It shows that the only thing they want to do is Dhamma, they want to do only Dhamma all the time. As a nun, if you stay in nunnery that has good supporters it’s ok, but if you stay at a nunnery that does not have such supporters, this will not be so good. In order to really understand the Dhamma, ordaining as a nun can be helpful.”

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