Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Taw Tai Monastic School

Taw Tai Monastery in Yangon is an exquisite educational center that also offers regular meditation retreats, teaching Vipassana practice. The monastic school has about 350 novices and 100 monks. Buddhist courses are offered five days per week, with Saturday and Sunday free. Its meditation retreats are approximately ten days long, and are usually attended by about 100 people. 

The Dhamma Hall at Taw Tai where the Vipassana courses are held

Foreigners are welcome to join the meditation courses, where they can learn the traditional Burmese Buddhist meditation practice. Also, those who have the volition may serve the meditation courses of the monks and novices, or that of the Burmese lay people. Yogis can also join the classes, and even teach those such as English, where their help may be quite welcome. 

For any Dhamma practitioners who are making their way through the Golden Land, a visit to Taw Tai is surely a must-see!

The monastery sign

A tropical monastery

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