Saturday, 11 October 2014

Kyaikkasan Pariyatti-Patipatti Nunnery

Kyaikkasan Pariyatti-Patipatti Nunnery is in Thinganyun, and home to 150 nuns. The head abbess, Daw Dhukhavati, has amazingly been in robes for 75 of her 97 years, and has a look of deep serenity in her face. They are open to hosting foreign women with proper visas, and in the past foreign nuns have stayed here. They also host 7-10 meditation courses for their own nuns, to be taken after they have passed their examinations (the nuns study five days per week, and also have cooking and cleaning duties). There is a beautiful Dhamma Hall where one would be able to pursue one’s own practice. The grounds are kept in good condition and a large monastic school is housed in a multi-story yellow building and also double as dormitories for the nuns. Note that males are not allowed to enter this building at any time.

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