Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Cold Glass of Sugar Cane Juice

“At the very end of our stay in the Sagaing Hills we started venturing further and exploring deeper into the maze of paths, walkways, stair wells, caves, statues, pagodas, monasteries and trails. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Almost every turn would take you into a new fascinatingly architectured set of buildings, a series of interconnected stair wells or a little monastery hidden in the hillside. At one place we were invited in for tea and snacks and told about the history of that particular monastery. I found I took so many pictures because everywhere I looked there was something amazing and beautiful. At one point just when we thought we were surely lost we came up a large grand stair way and walked into a room with the mummified body of a Monk that had died about 30 years earlier. There was another monk there who explained to us that nothing had been done to preserve the body. This was amazing considering the remarkable condition of the corpse. We were even more amazed when he told us that the hair and nails are still growing and he cuts them on a fairly regular basis. On the way home we would always stop for a cold glass of sugar cane juice.” 

Dylan Fry, Canadian yogi

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