Monday, 6 October 2014

Internship with Compassionate Travels Myanmar

Compassionate Travels Myanmar is announcing the following opportunity:
"Myanmar Travel Agency Outreach Internship 
If you're interested in an internship and your interest and focus aligns with the following three areas pertinent to our internship needs; those being, 1) you like to write and/or create media for marketing purposes, 2) you appreciate and practice the teachings of the Buddha, and 3) have interest in travel to Myanmar, have traveled to Myanmar, or are researching Myanmar/Burma and Burma Dhamma culture, you may have found a valuable internship opportunity with us at Compassionate Travels Myanmar.

Description of Internship: With this internship, one (or maybe two) individuals will learn of our corporate travel venture, find out about current and future outreach plans, and access untold narratives which have been collected by CTM for years. The primary role of this position is to outreach, identify and multiply consistent, respectful connection with Buddha-Dhamma newsletters, blogs, email chains, stores, and associations worldwide. The aim is to attract visitors to Myanmar through our company by distributing write-ups, creating posters, submitting publications which portray Myanmar in a realistic way, and making creative media projects to broaden our visibility. This internship is mostly computer based which makes it possible from anywhere in the world, though with a second intern, physically going to places and presenting CTM and Burma Dhamma related material may be possible. It will involve creation and use of shared documents (i.e. Google Docs, etc.) to make records and keep a clean stream of information for the whole CTM business team to utilize. 
In this role, one can inspire others to travel to Myanmar where the Dhamma is abundant in opportunities to offer Sangha Dana, take meditation (even take monastic life for the inclined), participate in a pilgrimage with us, or much more. This light, 10-15 hour/week pace isn't paid, but for the right candidate, it will easily become Dhammic inspiration to outreach on our behalf regarding the Burma Buddha Dhamma. Who knows, if there is enough growth through the position, a future with CTM isn't necessarily out of the question.
This current, seasonal position is ideal for honest writers/marketers who can create and take things on alone, and who can put in up to 15 hours/week. 
Contact us at we'd like to schedule a Skype interview and follow-up for this position. We are looking to bring one (or two) people up to speed with CTM as soon as possible! Credit for internship and references provided upon satisfying collective expectations and time frames."

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