Friday, 29 August 2014

Shwe Taung Oo Pagoda: Ledi Sayadaw Cave #2

This is a video of Shwe Taung Oo Pagoda in Monywa. One begins by seeing the view of the Chindwin River beyond, and then the viewer is taken into Ledi Sayadaw Cave #2. However, the great monk spent most of his time meditating and teaching in the nearby Ledi Cave #1.

On one occasion, Ledi became quite ill while living in the cave, so much so that he frequently lost consciousness. He later reported a deva-like figure in a white dress looking after him and providing him some kind of medicine. Finally, some laymen came and brought him to U San Chain monastery in Monwya. There, Ledi had a very strange dream in which he was sitting on Yugandho Mountain, observing the entire universe, and seeing a large cave towards the southeast filled with animals. His dream switched to him leaning against Myintmoe Mountain, where he merged into the earth. When asked the meaning of the dream, he explained that it was a prediction he would later travel throughout the country giving Dhamma. After recovering his health, Ledi returned to the cave. He left around 1903, and reformulated his teaching in such a way that it was now able to be taught to lay people, many of whom had no other opportunity in the country to learn real meditation practice.

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