Sunday, 24 August 2014

Dana for a Sagaing Hills Monastery

Prekhemma Monastery kappiya Ko Bo Win prepares to take the Dhamma cycle out to pick up the curries with Koyingyi for the upcoming day.

During the 2013-14 pilgrimages in Burma, pilgrims stopped at Prekhemma Monastery high up in the Sagaing Hills. While here, the foreign meditators generously gave dana to Prekhemma Sayadaw. They also enjoyed a Question and Answer session with the Sayadaw, viewing relics, and meditating in the cave on site. 

Prekhemma Sayadaw now wishes to inform these yogis that the dana they have given went into buying, for the first time, a Dhamma cycle for the monastery. In all the past centuries at Prekhemma (for it is one of the oldest monasteries in the Sagaing Hills, with some records suggesting it may have been founded in the 11th century), it was always necessary for monks and novices to walk entirely down the hill and into town to collect the curries that would be offered for lunch from village home, a trip which took several hours. Now, with this recent donation, a kappiya drives the monk with his tiffin to the appropriate homes on the Dhamma cycle. This also means that the monks have more time to study, meditate, and recite suttas; time that in the past was spent in walking.

For all those pilgrims who gave generously on these pilgrimages, may you rejoice in knowing where your dana went. For all those who wish to rejoice at such good deeds upon hearing of them, may you also share in the merits.

For more information on how one can join a pilgrimage this coming winter, please see here.

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