Thursday, 14 August 2014

Passing of Sayadaw U Lakkhana

The view of the river from Kyaswa Monastery

The organization Hawaii Vipassana has shared the following post concerning the passing away of the Venerable Sayadaw U Lakkhana. They also share the future of their Metta Dana project in the Sagaing Hills, as well as information about the annual January retreat held at Kyaswa Monastery.

In their words, "The most venerable Sayadaw U Lakkhana was an important teacher, collaborator, and friend and we will miss him very dearly. He offered a uniquely powerful voice of Dhamma rooted in kindness and compassion. His impacts on the world were many. We are profoundly grateful to him for the consistent spirit of generosity and kindness that he brought to all of his teachings."

View of Kyaswa Monastery

The following is an excerpt of Kyaswa from the upcoming Shwe Lan guidebook:

Kyaswa is a 650-year-old monastery set by the river on the foothills of Sagaing, one of many precious sites to be found in the area. It is easily identifiable when one has ascended the Hills and is looking eastward, for its multi-colored cylindrical tin roofs almost resemble circus tent tops from a distance. The monastery compound takes advantage of the slight hilly terrain by tucking away many kutis and walking paths throughout its land, allowing yogis a sense of seclusion while never being very far away. There is also an old cave for meditation that is over one hundred years old, and it is said the previous Sayadaw took the vow of bodhisatta. And by cutting into the limestone hills that rise above the Ayeyarwaddy River, it has made even more room available that monks and yogis may make use of. As is customary, the Dhamma Hall is located at the highest spot on the compound, overlooking the river towards Mandalay and the Shan Plateau beyond. At its lower entrance, one walks down brick stairs past the guarding chinthes to watch the pleasant Ayeyarwaddy River flow along the service road.

Entrance to the cave

Inside the cave

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