Saturday, 2 August 2014

Full Scholarship for Golden Dhamma Pilgrimage

During the 2013 pilgrimage, pilgrims met Burmese college students reciting suttas at Thanboddhay Monastery near Monywa

There are now extended pilgrimages for students in the tradition of S.N Goenka, as well as those interested in the wider aspects of the Burmese Dhamma. The two pilgrimages offered last year provided many foreign meditators with a precious opportunity to visit and experience some of the most sacred sites to be found in the Golden Land, many from within the lineage of S.N. Goenka. For more information, see Muditā Works.
Pilgrims were deeply moved by their experiences-- some spoke of how "the beauty of Burmese life is hard to qualify" while others declared firmly that "the benefits should not be overlooked." Still others were so profoundly touched that they themselves ordained and took on robes, such as one American at Shwe Kyin Monastery, and a New Zealander in Ingyinbin.

As one meditator read about these inspiring stories from a distance, he wished to give something so that others may continue to experience such transformative experiences and bring the tales of Burmese Dhamma to inspire their home meditative community. Although the costs are as low as possible to allow this opportunity to be open to all, the rising tourist costs in Myanmar as the country opens has meant that some may not be able to afford the price. With this in mind, while not being wealthy himself, the donor has expressed a wish to offer a full scholarship, a scholarship amounting to $1,650. The pilgrimage runs two weeks, from December 10-23, 2014. Please note that the scholarship is for pilgrimage tuition only, and it is expected that the pilgrim has the means to take care of his/her own travel, visa, and other logistical needs on their own.

There are just two conditions the donor has requested to include, and applicants should carefully read to ensure they meet the qualifications. For all those who apply, please copy and paste and following passage, and write one's full name to stand as one's signature.

"I acknowledge that I have never been on a Buddhist pilgrimage before in any country. I also understand that these funds are intended for someone who does not otherwise have the funds to join the pilgrimage."

To those interested pilgrims who meet the qualifications, you are invited to submit your name before 11:59PM (23:59) Myanmar Standard Time (MST) on September 30th, 2014. The randomly chosen applicant will be contacted immediately once the deadline closes to all applicants who have entered into the drawing, and once the drawing is completed. 

Pilgrims had the opportunity to engage in a translated Dhamma discussion with this forest monk in Hmawbi

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