Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Burmese Nun in the tradition of Saya Thet Gyi

Daw Nu Ka Ti holds up her end of a banner showing the teachers of her lineage, Ledi Sayadaw and Saya Thet Gyi

Daw Nu Kay Ti is a head nun in the Sagaing Hills who oversees meditation instruction at the Dhamma Hall built within her own nunnery compound. She learned at the foot of Sayagyi U Than, who was a student of Saya Thet Gyi and teaches as he learned himself under this great lay master. U Than now has nearly 100 centers across Myanmar.

U Than took his first seven-day course with Saya Thet Gyi’s assistant teacher Sayagyi U Aung Myat in 1936 at Anauk Monastery in Pyaw Bwe Gyi. Later, U Than studied intensively under Sayadaw U Kovida at this monastery, who later authorized him to teach within the Saya Thet Gyi tradition. U Than reports taking his first meditation course when he was 15 years old. Much later, when he was 42 and sponsoring his son’s novitiation, his interest in Dhamma practice was rekindled and he dedicated his life to the his spiritual development. Along with S.N. Goenka, U Than is credited today with reviving interest for Saya Thet Gyi’s meditation method within Myanmar. Sayagyi U Than was also unique among other Burmese teachers for emphasizing the scientific qualities of mind when providing meditation instructions, and focusing more on meditation practice than the Buddhist religion itself. Today, the U Than lineage meets regularly with the Ledi Mu organization and Saya Thet Gyi trust to sometimes coordinate activities.

Foreign meditators can learn under Daw Nu Kay Ti, and are also welcome to attend a Saya U Than course in Myanmar.

Daw Sutacari holds the other end of the banner at Mogaung Nunnery in Sagaing 

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