Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Webu Sayadaw Dhamma Hall in Ingyinbin gets a fresh coat of paint


Since Webu Sayadaw's parinibanna in 1977, the Patipatti side of his monastery, which in his era saw 300-500 practicing yogis daily, has been in a state of steady decline. While most of the highly significant buildings and other sites still exist, little has been done to maintain them. This is why one feel great joy at seeing local donors providing dana to restore and add a fresh coat of paint to the Dhamma Hall. 

When pilgrims visited in February 2014, several workers were in the process of renovating it, what can only be seen as a hopeful sign for the rest of the compound. Some foreign yogis have talked about going in a group to the monastery for several weeks, with the aim of providing dhamma service to help restore some of the other important sites (such as where Webu ordained, attained nibbana, ordained Sayagyi U Ba Khin, meditated, taught devas, etc. etc.), out of gratitude for the key role Webu Sayadaw played in spreading dhamma to the greater world outside his village.

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