Sunday, 2 March 2014

Burma Pilgrimage #2, Day 20: "Deep Gratitude also Arises"

The following excerpt was written by an American yogi about the pilgrimage in Burma. To read about the last full day around Yangon, go here. To read about this second yatra from Day 1, and read the journal entry in order, start here.

You can also consider joining a later pilgrimage in Burma.

"It's hard to see the full breadth of what's taken place these past three weeks.

Twenty pilgrims from multiple countries, came together and learned about the fabric from which the cloth (which we all find so invaluable) was cut.

One take away is appreciation of the breadth and depth of the practice. The richness of Dhamma in Burma, manifesting in both physical forms, and actions. The integration of monastics into national psyche, and the integration of off the cushion 'practice' in daily life. The seeing of what is possible - that, like Mingun Sayadaw, one can penetrate deeply into pariyatti into patipatti and beyond (and vice versa). That, regardless of gender, it's still possible to reach advanced stages with rigorous practice (and that there are still those carrying this torch). All of this inspires one to keep on walking, and renews faith that the path will remain for generations to come.

Deep gratitude also arises... Gratitude to the the 'Knower of Great Peace' for the teachings, and to the Sangha for preserving them for centuries. Gratitude to Goenkaji for illuminating a path in the forest - providing a nonsectarian technique that extracts the essence. Gratitude to Snow, Joah, the Bhante, who believed, and generously gave of themselves. Gratitude to all who helped shepard us through safely...

It will take time to fully understand the impact of this journey, but one thing is for sure - we go back changed, and with little bits of our hearts left behind, in Burma..."

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