Thursday, 13 March 2014

Shwekyin novices chant at evening

Shwekyin Monastery is one of the oldest and most important not only in Mandalay, but in the entire country of Myanmar. The original Shwekyin Sayadaw was greatly revered by many in 19th century Burmese society, and none more so than the very King Mindon, the second to last Burmese king. Shwekyin Sayadaw's strict adherence to vinaya (the monks' discipline as laid down by the Buddha) was admired by all, and he also wrote some of the very first books on vipassana practice that still survive to this day, and even Ledi Sayadaw referenced these. A yogi who visits his original Mandalay monastery today is able to meditate in the very cave where this great monk did so, many years before.

Every evening at 6 pm the novices make a procession as they chant, as they have since time immemorial. Following this, they sit for meditation, and foreign meditators are also able to join them. This video shows the young novices as they approach the dhamma hall.

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