Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dhamma discussion at Shwe Kyin Monastery

On the February 2014 pilgrimage, the group was fortunate enough to spend an evening at the age-old Shwe Kyin Monastery. After paying respects as the novices made their traditional procession while reciting Buddhist suttas on their way to meditation, they spent an evening with Dr. Khin Maung Aye, a Burmese Senior Assistant Teacher in the Sayagyi U Goenka tradition. The good doctor is fluent in English and currently resides in England (he has also helped to support the South African Goenka center), thus he was a rare speaker who was able to communicate to the pilgrims across languages and cultures. He also spoke to the January group, so passionately that even one pilgrim late ordained at this very monastery! Being now in robes as well, he was able to speak about topics ranging from lay meditation practice to being a formal member of the Sangha. In this talk, he talks about establishing monasteries in the West, the sotapanna stage attained by Dr. Om Prakesh, and how dhamma practice has benefited his profession. Note that this is a small portion of a much longer evening's talk. Seated by him is Sayadaw U Thuttivara, the current Sayadaw of the monastery. Beside him is the American monk who was ordained temporarily after meeting the venerated monk the previous month; and a European monk who has been in robes for several years.

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