Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pilgrimages to Burma

A photograph of the Western meditators while on pilgrimage in Shwedagon

Janice Polizzi took a Buddhist pilgrimage in Burma in September 2013 through Dharma Journeys with Venerable Robhina Courtin, and wrote a small excerpt about her experience here. Here is a short excerpt:
"I feel that I benefitted immensely from going on this pilgrimage. Spending three weeks with Venerable Robina reminded me of the importance of Buddhist practice for daily life. Hearing her insightful teachings was a wonderful introduction/of the lam-rim for those new to Buddhism and a great review for those already familiar with it. Ven. Robina was also available to meet with me and others to discuss personal questions and issues that came up for us. She is an amazing guide and her deep knowledge and years of practice are evident in her teachings."

Similarly, Muditā Works is also recommended.

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