Friday, 5 September 2014

A Special Tree in Ingyinbin

Three large trees are planted in a line at Webu Monastery in Ingyinbin. One is Lin Loon, and the other two are Bodhi trees. The largest one is in the northwest corner. Between the branches of the second Bodhi tree, Webu Sayadaw instructed Sayagyi U Ba Khin to place the hair that had just been shaven from his head for his 1965 ordination. With this, he also made the prediction that U Ba Khin would play an important role in spreading Buddha’s teachings, reportedly telling him that “Buddha’s teaching are in your hands.” U Ba Khin himself scooped up half of his hair and placed them in medicine bottles, putting them on his Buddha alter back at International Meditation Centre (IMC). Today, every IMC pagoda in the world has some of this hair enshrined in it. Before leaving the compound after disrobing, U Ba Khin offered dana to repair the walls and seating areas around these trees.

Pilgrims from the 2013-4 Pariyatti Pilgrimage can be seen walking around the tree. A travel diary from this trip can be read here, and information about upcoming pilgrimages can be found here.

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