Saturday, 27 September 2014

One Year Anniversary of Ko Kyaw Ngwe's Passing

In January 2014, meditators gather for a group photo at Ma Khaing's restaurant after eating a vegetarian meal on the pilgrimage. Ma Khaing is in the middle, wearing purple.

For those yogis who have been coming to the Golden Land for Dhamma practice, Ko Kyaw Ngwe was much more than a guide and driver-- he was a dear friend and Dhamma brother. While the upcoming guidebook about Dhamma practice in Burma will be of benefit to thousands of yogis from around the world, Ko Kyaw Ngwe will always be remembered as the original guide who first led so many of us to these sacred sites, changing many lives in the process. Many hold a deep gratitude because of this. Dozens of meditators around the world sent their thoughts and metta to his family as he was battling cancer last year, and he passed away last fall.

In the time since, his family has continued to be a great support to any and all foreign meditators who pass through Upper Burma, whether it be making travel arrangements, helping with sudden emergencies, or simply providing a simple and nutritious vegetarian food. In the pilgrimages last year, meditators remember their meal as one of the best dining experiences of the three week trip-- not only because of the divine taste, but also for how much metta was cooked with it! (as can be remembered here, here, and here!) 

Ma Khaing with family outside her home

The one year anniversary of Ko Kyaw Ngwe's passing will be on October 16, and on this day his family will donate a great Sangha Dana to over 120 nuns in Mandalay at Wei Har Ree Nunnery. For all those who remember the kindness of Ko Kyaw Ngwe, or that of Ma Khaing and the extended family, they welcome anyone who wishes to join in the kusala actions and share in offering dana on this meritorious occasion. Any financial donation offered will go towards the giving of food, requisites, and other items to the nuns on this day. For those who wish to do so, donations can be made to Ko Kyaw Ngwe's friend in Yangon named Ko Htay Aung, who can be contacted here: teo.birmania(at) He will provide you with further details about how to transfer the funds, and small donations are gladly accepted for those who wish to join in this special occasion.

Young Burmese nuns recite the suttas at Shwedagon Pagoda

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