Saturday, 5 October 2013

Update on arrival of ashes from S.N. Goenka to Myanmar

The ashes of S.N. Goenka are scheduled to arrive in Yangon on Monday Morning (7 October) at 10 AM by air from India. They will then be taken to Dhamma Joti Meditation Centre in a special vehicle decorated with flowers and people will allowed to pay tribute overnight.

The next morning some of the ashes will be taken to Myitkyina in Kachin State by air. The first scattering is Myitkyina of Irrawaddy river.

On Wednesday (9 Oct), the remaining ashes will be taken to Mandalay, where U Goenka was born, and scattered into the Ayeyarwaddy River near the Mandalay.

On the evening of the same day, the remaining ashes will be brought back the Yangon for overnight public tribute in Dhamma Joti Meditation Centre.

The final scattering would be on Thursday (10 Oct) morning at the entrance of Yangon river by Mya Nan Dar Boat.

Due to health problems, Mataji (the widow of S.N. Goenka) is not able to accompany the ashes to Myanmar.

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