Monday, 7 October 2013

The Beginning of the "Last Journey"

In what they are calling "The Last Journey" in Yangon, this morning many pilgrims came to Dhamma Joti to pay respects. They will sit again together from 6 to 7 pm Myanmar time and invite all meditators around the world to join in this meritorious deed by sitting at the same time at your own location.

The ashes being ceremoniously brought to the center by the Goenka family

Members of U Goenka's family, led by his son U Shwe, carry the ashes to the center

U Goenka's ashes on display

Pilgrims gather to pay their respects

The remains of Padmabhushan Global Vipassanacharya Sri S.N. Goenka

A local TV news crew at the event

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