Friday, 19 October 2012

Yatra Information for SN Goenka's visit to Burma 2012

SN Goenka will travel to Burma (Myanmar) at the end of December 2012, and it is possible to join his tour.  For information about how to come along please download this document

Be happy!

Two notes: first, this site is in no way connected to the Goenka Vipassana organization.  There have been some inquiries about registering in the yatra.  We have no information about this, and have simply disseminated this document to a wider audience through our site.  Secondly, there are a group of meditators planning to join the dhamma talks and sittings, without formally enrolling in the yatra.  If you'd like to join this informal group, you can send an email to put you in touch. However please note that our account as well is not regularly attended.  (you can write burmadhamma@gmail)

Novice monk at Webu Sayadaw Monastery in Ingyinbin