Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Essential Practice, by Webu Sayadaw

Though you practice without interruption, you will not get tired or exhausted. As you take up the teachings of the Buddha, incomparable happiness will come to you. Some people think that the Buddha taught many different things. You all remember some parts of the holy scriptures as the monks out of great compassion taught them to you. At times you may think, "The teachings of the Buddha are so vast and manifold. I can't follow and understand all this, and therefore I can't attain my goal." Or some people say, "What is true for oneself one can only know oneself." Or others, "I can't work because I can't feel the breath yet." Now tell me, what is your excuse?

-- Webu Sayadaw, from "The Essential Practice."

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Webu Sayadaw, framed photo from his monastery