Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Vipassana for those of African descent

Thanks to Victoria Robertson, who shared this memory of over ten years ago, when a meditation course was organized in India for meditators coming from an African heritage. She writes:
"In keeping with his volition to spread Dhamma throughout the world, may it be known that S. N. Goenka, insightfully allowed a 10-day course for people of African Heritage to be held at Dhamma Pattana- Mumbai, India Dec. 2009-10. Pictured here is an informal meeting with Guruji and Mataji on metta day and an inspired painting created by a student who attended this historical course."

Although the event was held with much pride and a deep sense of community was experienced, it is uncertain why such an event was not permitted to take place again. Since then, some senior meditators and teachers have pushed for greater inclusiveness among peoples and socio-economic classes not typically represented.

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