Wednesday, 20 November 2019

A Special Dana

A Western couple sponsors a meal for the revered Pa Auk Sayadaw.

With the country opening up, discussions are now ranging from democracy to capitalism, from investment to trade, and from city planning to trash management. However, one area not explored to the same depths is the Buddhist act of inner contemplation. For the opening up has also meant a renewed interest and ability in foreigners being able to access the Burma Dhamma!

In past years, even those coming for purely Buddhist reasons were looked on with suspicion for being undercover agents, and some Western monks were forcibly disrobed and forced on the next plane out. Even Sayagyi U Ba Khin lamented that the military government would not give visas longer than 7 days, if that, preventing him from teaching meditation in English to those with clear eyes and full hearts and who couldn't lose with such instruction... and yet lose that precious opportunity they did, as the doors were closed to them. But this couple, like so many others, now has that very opportunity to come not just for days, not just for weeks, but for literally months and years, with meditation visas easier to attain and more and more practice centers and monasteries only too happy to sponsor. So... what's holding you back?

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