Friday, 4 October 2019

Big news out of humble Ban Mauk village!

There is very big news out of humble Ban Mauk village in Northern Burma.

Maha Bodhi Myaing Sayadaw is Burma's most revered living monastic, whom many believe to be a full arahant, or liberated being. A forest recluse, his identity is kept highly secret by his close lay supporters, and he has rarely been seen in public for many years. However, it appears a slight opening is now temporarily manifested, as he is suddenly receiving visitors who come to the edge of his forest abode. There is no way to know how long this opening will last, and when the public will again have the opportunity to see him.
One such highly fortunate visitor wrote this of her precious experience (translation by Ashin Sarana):

"The great lord master goes for alms and on the seventh day. (I) got the opportunity to pay (him) respect. In a pleasant shadow of a forest and hills there are only sounds of wild birds and all (people) are orderly (prepared) for offering of meal (to the Sayadaw). As the (Sayadaw) returns (to his residence) throughout that time (those people) reflect on (the qualities of) the Community of Monks (Sangha) and silently, reverently watch (the Sayadaw). It is so respectable."

It is said that the reason he is allowing this temporary access is to share his merit with those lay supporters, however he is only accepting seven spoonfuls of food daily, and only from seven villagers, no more and no less.

It is difficult to imagine more astounding and wonderful news as this to meditators everywhere looking for inspiration and guidance along the path. For any who have the paramis to meet the wise master during this special time, we say sadhu sadhu sadhu!