Friday, 7 June 2019

Renovations at Webu Monastery: Update

The following is sent by one of the volunteers organizing the dana collection and renovation:

"Hi, to those who gave Dana for the refurbishment of the Dhamma Hall at Webu Sayadaw monastery which was built for him which is different from the monastery he was ordained in which is next door. The annual 10day course for local Burmese meditators in March was very successful and the meditators were very grateful for the big effort all the foreign mediators made to raise the money and organise to get the hall ready for the course, future projects like fixing up accommodations and kitchen may be going ahead in the future, the reason outside Dana was needed for the upkeep of facilities at Ingynbin is because the monastery was built by rich local meditators from all over Burma at the time of Webu Sayadaw and currently its a very isolated area dominated by farmland and very poor farmers. The Annual 10day course is held in March April every year for locals and it’s in the hottest time of the year"

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