Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Dhamma for Everyone

The Buddha taught his teachings of liberation to all who wished to learn, from king to pauper. So also, the volunteers behind the Shwe Lan Ga Lay meditator's guidebook to Myanmar project have endeavored to provide information freely to any spiritual seeker coming to the Golden Land, from those who wished to renounce everything and become a monastic, to those active in business and other worldly affairs who are only able to arrange a brief Dhamma trip. 

We are very happy that our work has been used to guide the short pilgrimage of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. He, like many other readers, were able to visit and meditate in remote monasteries and sacred caves, as well as to give dāna (donation) on monks' alms rounds and at Buddhist nunneries. 

May we share our merits with all who have contributed in some way to support this project, and may the knowledge we are providing help to inform and inspire many more Dhamma seekers to come. 

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