Monday, 30 April 2018

Institute of Dhamma Education in the Sagaing Hills

Please note the following important announcement from Bhikkhu Rāhula, Caraṇapālī in the Sagaing Hills:

Dear Venerables and Dhamma friends,

Hope this message finds you well and happy in the Dhamma.

This is to inform you that due to the schedule of Sayadawgyi, the coming IDE Dhamma course on "Theragāthā and Therīgāthā" will be postponed to February 2019 tentatively.

(dates are to be confirmed)

There will be no course in the coming November, 2018. We will inform you as soon as we have updated information concerning the next course. Please contact us to reserve a place in this course.

With much mettā,

Bhikkhu Rāhula, Caraṇapālī

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