Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Myanmar Dhamma coming to Europe - a unique opporunity!

European meditators will have the unique opportunity to meet Venerable Thabarwa Sayadaw Ashin Ottamasara during his Europe Dhamma tour this year in August. 

Sayadaw Ottamasara founded Thabarwa Meditation Center in Thanlyin in 2008, which has since grown into a large Meditation and Caring Center with over 3000 temporary and permanent residents. The Center is becoming increasingly popular also among foreign yogis and travellers, as hundreds of foreigners are living and volunteering in Thabarwa Center all year round and benefiting from doing good deeds of service, observing precepts and meditation.

Since a few years Sayadaw Ottamasara has been invited by his foreign devotees to their home countries to give dhamma talks and meditation retreats for the benefit of those who can't come to recieve Dhamma in Myanmar. Sayadaw has thus been teaching in Vietnam, Australia, UK and Italy.

In August a tour around Europe is planned for Sayadaw along with another monk, 2 nuns and an italian yogi. They will be giving a retreat in Lithuania from 5-10th August, then passing trough Germany and Switzerland/Austria (10-18th) and be staying in Italy around Milano/Novi Ligure 18-28th August.

All who wish can support Sayadaw's trip with donations to cover the expenses of transportation, food, lodging, visa and other logistics.

However meditators located in Europe have the unique opportunity to offer Sayadaw and his supporters one or several meals, help them with accomodation or transport, and even to invite them to their home region and arrange for a Dhamma talk or retreat.

The retreat in Italy is planned to be held from 18-28th August but a local group of meditators is still trying to find a place to rent for residential retreat in the area Milano or Novi Ligure. Any help in this search is greatly appreciated.

Plannings are still in progress so anyone interested in being involved with Thabarwa Sayadaw's Dhamma Tour can contact Sayalay Khema Cari, an italian nun living at Thabarwa center who will be accompanying Sayadaw on his tour.

May all beings be happy and share the merits of this tour.

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