Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ingyinbin Journal: Returning to Each Breath

John, a meditator from New Zealand, spends extended periods in Ingyinbin each year, the home of the revered Webu Sayadaw and with his friend Ashin Mandala. This winter, he has decided to keep a journal, which he has kindly offered to share with us. His journal alternates between observation and poetry, between meditation practice and commentary about Burmese Buddhist society, from his learnings and his questions. The full collection of his musings can be found here.

4 January

Pigeon hoots in Mahamuni hall - dogs wanting to be petted - one bullock cart, bamboo mat floor & slats with a rail made by hand - a child with its mother and infant brother, his eyes peering examining us from under the sibling’s arm - the mother at intervals with a switch in her right hand slapping the white bullock pair - a final hard pull on the reigns brings the lumbering beasts to a standstill - staggering we disembark - passing villagers on their motorcycles laugh and wave or are slightly dumbfounded.
Returning to each breath
Itself a harvest,
a hundred byways.

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