Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Panditarama: "A Requirement for Every Human Being!"

"Panditarama is on the top of my list for meditation centers. Effective and extremely well organized, they say that two months at Panditarama is equal to one year at any other center. It caters very well to foreigners through their yearly 60 day retreat. Having done their retreat, I feel it should be a requirement for any human being! The nightly Dhamma talks are simple, succinct, clear, to the point and even though they stick to the basics, in that sense they are brilliant. They keep bringing the meditator back to what is essential and most important for progress and for seeing through rising and falling of phenomenon. 

The staff and all material details are extremely organized so that one can simply focus on the practice and not have to worry about anything. The encouragement to stay with the practice is extreme as they want the practitioner to be mindful every waking moment to the time one opens one eye lids. This in a sense provides great opportunity for swift advancement. I cannot say enough good things about the center, the staff, the talks and the intention with which the retreat is built upon. There is no room for falling through the cracks or failure. The main office has everything and more if the yogi is in need of something, the food is abundant and has both meat and vegetarian and Indian options as well. The single room kutis are clean, quiet and peaceful and again, directed toward success and progress. With the structure, the support and the environment this leads to very successful results that one will not be disappointed with."

Sayalay Sukha (Sarah Wilds)

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  1. Sayalay Anuttara is a known psychopath, and was very scathing about Sayalay Sukha, saying how much she annoyed her, that she was always following her, and the fact that she got prana from the sun was "irritating". She once left her waiting hours intentionally just to cause her harm.