Friday, 12 June 2015

A Tree in Ingyinbin

John from New Zealand took this photo at Kan Oo Monastery in Ingyinbin, the site most associated with Webu Sayadaw. This is a tree from the "Pariyatti Monastery" in the village, and one that John especially resonated with. It also has some history-- as a young novice, Shin Kumara (who would later be known as Webu Sayadaw, after the Webula Hills in Kyaukse) used to water this tree every day. Before this, when still a lay boy, his father had also given him the task of throwing pebbles to shoo away birds landing on the rice paddy, but he ultimately refused to do this task as it disturbed the birds, showing his compassion at even a young age.

This March, there will be a ten day silent meditation retreat in the tradition of Sayagyi U Goenka held at Ingyinbin, the 8th overall that has taken place there. This will be a very unique and precious opportunity for meditators to sit at the very site where Webu Sayadaw instructed thousands in meditation.

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