Saturday, 4 April 2015

Translations now underway of "Shwe Lan"

After over two years of hard work by several hundred volunteers across the globe, the first four chapters of Shwe Lan Ga Lay may be released as soon as next week! In the spirit of the Dhamma, all main contributors are volunteers and will receive no personal renumeration of any kind, a kind of pure giving to meditators and monastics wishing to come to the Golden Land, with no strings attached. Chapters 2 through 5 will soon be available. These include: Planning Your Trip, Health, You've Landed, and Food

Now that the drafts for these chapters are finally complete, volunteers have also been requesting to translate these for meditators in their own countries who are non-English speakers, so that they too can benefit. With this in mind, translations will soon be underway in Thai, Japanese, Burmese, Spanish, and Chinese. If fellow meditators would like to join this meritorious project, either in these languages listed or other languages, you are welcome to do so. Please contact us burmadhamma@gmail.

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