Tuesday, 30 December 2014

"10 Reasons You Should go to Burma"

On his blog "The Broke Backpacker", Will Hatton describes the beauty and grace of Burma.

His #3 Reason to go includes this excerpt: "Burma is an absolutely massive country and there are many hidden gems in this astounding country which only the locals will know about. It is extremely easy to get off the beaten track and to have temples, ruins, mountains and caves all to yourself. When backpacking in Burma, I felt like I had stepped back 100 years in to the past, I felt like a proper explorer. The people who I met in remote communities in the Shan highlands had often not seen another westerner for months or even years, this is prime exploring territory. Whilst exploring the south of the country I came across a huge field of painted Buddha statues, some were cracked and covered by jungle, others looked freshly painted. Who built, painted and maintained them? I have no idea. This is why I love Burma."

The full blog post can be read here.

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