Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A California Sangha Dana in Honor of S.N. Goenka: More Photos

As noted in an earlier post, one year following the passing of the great lay meditation teacher Sayagyi U Goenka, a Sangha Dana was organized in his honor in Azusa, California, at the Dhammakaya International Meditation Center. U Goenka had visited here in 2002 on the Meditation Now tour. This time, over one thousand guests attended, including many bhikkhus and nuns. There to photograph it was Mitchell Walker, and he has kindly allowed his images to be shared on this blog. Many of these photographs will be included a book that will come out in the following months.

A caterer prepares the offering
Meditators and Buddhists from many Asian countries came to the Southern Californian monastery

Western meditators also attended, although in smaller numbers

Buddhist suttas are chanted by the monks 

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