Sunday, 5 January 2014

Foreign yogis offer Sangha Dana

Foreign yogis on a Pariyatti pilgrimage formally offer Sangha dana at a Hmawbi monastery on the last day of 2013. They repeat after the Sayadaw, who wishes them that by this good merit of offering food to the Sangha, they may be relieved of their suffering and advance towards nibbana. Note that many of the yogis are wearing the traditional Burmese pilgrim dress of brown longyis and white tops with a brown sash (or "tawbet") denoting their pilgrimage group. Following this incident where the men formally offered the food to the monks, women then dished rice to the monks as they arrived individually, and both men and women offered laundry packets on their way out. It is described here in more detail. For more pilgrimage options, see here.

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