Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sitagu Academy in Sagaing

Department of Meditation at Sitagu Academy

“In other countries, I saw many academies, for example, navy academy, air-force academy, military academy, defense academy, etc. In the world today, in the Buddhist world also, we must establish Buddhist academy. In this Buddhist academy we are teaching Theravada Buddhist Scriptures…. In our academy we founded the department of Vinaya, codes of Discipline, department of Suttanta, discourses, department of Abhidhamma, Buddhist Philosophy, department of Missionary and Religion, comparative study of religions, most important department is the department of Meditation… Our Sitagu International Buddhist Academy is teaching, learning, training, practicing to realize ‘what I am, where I am, what I have to do.’ These three main points are very important to understand. This is called right understanding, to convert from evil to noble. Therefore, Dhamma is the mighty technique to solve the problems of mankind…. What we are now doing is establishing of the academy, Buddhist Academy, we invite all of the Buddhist students from various countries, and different faiths to come gather and together to learn, to practice, and to train our wicked mind to be noble and to turn a new leaf of our life from evil to noble…. May all of you be peaceful! May all of you be happy! May all of you be successful in any attempts for all of the nations!” 

Excerpt of a speech given by Sayadaw U Nyanissara on May 9th 2013 for the occasion of an inauguration of a new Yangon campus.

Sitagu Academy in Sagaing, at sunset

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